An innovation-driven entrepreneur with a purpose.

Hi there! I’m Laurent C. Kinet. I have spent 20+ years in the midst of innovation, technology, startups, venture capital – and charity. Still on duty with Novable, I offer my experience to startups and companies.



Standing at the crossroads of entrepreneurship, innovation and venture capital – one foot on each side

(yes, I have three feet 🙂 )


Startups & Scale-ups

I’ve founded, grown, sold or been involved in 12+ startups in 20 years – I know the game and how to best prepare, anticipate threats, maximise chances and seize opportunities. You know your business better than anyone. Let’s join forces to turn your venture into an eye-catcher deal – faster and better than corporate advisors or accelerators.


Innovation Consulting

I provide innovation consulting services to companies and investment funds by identifying and analysing the best opportunities worldwide, by ensuring a qualified deal flow and evaluating startups following a structured methodology. Having co-founded a startup scouting technology company, my expertise sits in the middle of innovation, technology and venture capital.

Specific expertise

My entrepreneurship endeavours led me through a handful of areas I had the chance to dig deep into. I humbly help people and organisations walk through the fog, make sense of it all and identify the best paths forward, in the following domains: artificial intelligence, data science, innovation scouting, digital publishing, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance (DeFi).


Before speaking, get your hands dirty for 20+ years first.

I am a so-called serial entrepreneur having founded, grown and managed a handful of startups (and sold some of them to large companies), leading them from inception to exit. A peek on my Linkedin profile will give you more details.

Writing stories is
the most exciting thing I do (on paper)


Business stories

I write articles, blog posts, essays, whitepapers and press features about business-related topics. I particularly enjoy elaborating on why things are done this given way and finding root causes, foundations and rationale. My Medium page features some examples.


Fictional stories

Writing (in French) is in my blood since I’m a teenager. I finished my first (horrible) book at 12. I’m still writing every day. My favourite format is the very short story (microfiction) based on real events. I write under another name.

I also published a novel, following my long-lasting collaboration with a famous Belgian humorist, for whom I co-wrote 12 shows from 2007 to 2016).

Giving back

I’m engaged in a couple of NGOs and non-profits as an active volunteer. I organise and lead humanitarian dental missions in Africa on a bi-yearly basis.
Children’s healthcare around the world is a subject that is dear to my heart.


Contributing to the community with Rotary

The Rotary is the largest community on earth. No need to introduce this major service club anymore. We raise funds and take action to contribute to the local community, as well as support international causes.

Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 11.28.12

Humanitarian missions in Africa and Asia with Amalgache

I’m a board member and active volunteer of this NGO active in the dental support to Malagasy children. I lead bi-yearly missions with dentists, surgeons and paramedics. Here’s a TV-broadcasted documentary about us.

Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 11.36.22

Glocal charity with

Global + Local. is a glocal association raising funds in my small village to finance international initiatives towards child healthcare.

Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 11.30.40

Raising decentralised finance awareness with DeFinity Club

Convinced that decentralised finance is one of the most promising technology to sanitise the global financial system and improve financial accessibility for everyone on earth, I co-created this non-profit to raise the global awareness of DeFi.

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